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The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi: The Hunt for Treasure

Heading out to the beach with her family, Boochi is intent on discovering a lost pirate's treasure in the sand. While her dad is supportive and excited, her mom is less than thrilled and believes it's a crazy idea. Little does anyone know that the item she will find will change everything, and open the door to unlimited possibilities. The mystery of the treasure and its history prove to be an adventure that no one could have anticipated.

Mysterious characters and destinations are all part of the road that she will travel, as she learns that each step is planned out and opens new doors at every turn.

Will she be able to keep the treasure, or will pirates attempt to steal it from her?

Boochi possibly couldn't dream of the fortune and luck that is entering her world, all because of one fateful day in the sand.

While she is young, Boochi proves to be a well-mannered child, who is respectful and strong. She is never rude, and is full of witty sarcasm, which she gets from her father. The mom is the serious voice of reason in the house, but rarely has control or a say thanks to Boochi and her dad. Together, they form a wonderful family who will discover how big the world is about to become from the day she finds the treasure.

Just how many roads, and surprises will come next is anyone's guess.

Come take the journey, that will take readers on a wild ride from locations across the world. Each step along the way has been carefully crafted and mapped out, with purpose and direction. The plot thickens and the characters become more involved and intertwined. This new series offers a refreshing perspective on adventure, while combining characters with morals and true family values. It reminds readers that there are still are real people in the world who can rely on family and friends. It also provides an escape into a wonderful world of fantasy, with excitement, mystery and uncertainty. The Adventures of Boochi: The Hunt for Treasure, reminds us to stay young at heart, and to keep dreams alive and pursue them whenever possible. The characters also keeps us in touch with the necessity of solid family values and the power of social interaction. Middle age readers will definitely find inspiration and morals from Boochi and her family, and friends.

Discover the magic, and mystery.

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