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Fairy Tales and Fables Part 2

As I stated in a previous article for generations children have experienced fairy tales which have not only entertained but have taught good manners, respect, life, imagination and much more. Although our young readers of today know about a few that have been made into movies I have found that if you mention The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson they won't know what you are talking about or they may think you are talking about Dorothy's ruby slippers. Or what about The Fisherman and His Wife by the Brothers Grimm which teaches children (or adults) not to be greedy if they know it exist.

Every country or society has fairy tales and fables children (or adults) can enjoy and learn from Hans Christian Anderson who was from Denmark and the Brothers Grimm who were from Germany but we have writers and story tellers from everywhere that have wonderful stories to tell, there is Childe Rowland by Joseph Jacobs of England, Aurore and Aimee by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumount of France, Uncle Remus' Tar Baby by Joel Chandler Harris from America. I would highly recommend all three of these stories for your young readers!

The following is a short list of some more of the stories that I hope don't get forgotten along with their wonderful creators that I hope don't get forgotten either:

The Brothers Grimm
• The Blue Light
• The Clever Little Tailor
• The Donkey

Hans Christian Anderson
• The Little Match Girl
• The Nightingale
• The Steadfast Tin Soldier

• The Honest Woodcutter
• The North Wind and the Sun
• The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs
• The Oak and the Reed
• The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

Joseph Jacobs
• Catskin
• The Buried Moon
• The Brown Bear of Green Glen
• Jack and the Bean Stalk
• Molly Whuppie
• The Three Little Pigs

In this selection there are some that I hope will be recognized and some new ones that even I hadn't read before! That was really fun to find the new/old stories that held the wonder and excitement of the fairy tale or fable. I hope you have fun reconnecting or learning about them for the first time and sharing them with your young readers. I enjoy researching old stories and love learning about what might have been forgotten and then sharing it with others. I have even found myself incorporating this research into my writing I guess that's what story tellers do...

Julie L. Worthington is a writer of fantasy adventure and science-fiction middle-grade and young adult books along with short stories. She is passionate about children's literature both old and new. To find out more or to read some of her work go to

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