Sabtu, 08 September 2012

It Has Begun

Pink! White! Everywhere! Driving down the country roads of Fresno County in California the scene is filled with living color. Various tones of pink from almost white to bright magenta mingled with the sound of bees as they work tirelessly fill the air. In February each year this beautiful site of color flows across the fruit orchards on the Blossom Trail in the bountiful San Joaquin Valley. Fruit fresh from a tree is luscious, but to have the opportunity to see it appear as a bud, grow to a blossom and finally mature into a piece of fruit is a wonderment indeed.

The low hum is the sound of honey bees working hard collecting nectar to make honey. As they fly from blossom to blossom pollen gathers on their legs and it is scattered to each flower that will later develop into fruit. The Blossom Trail is one of the "show times" of the fruit tree. The orchards have been nurtured, watered and pruned throughout the year and now they are on stage in their glorious gowns of color.

Could this picture of beauty be compared to our daily life? One of the possible parallels to this evolving image of color that flows over the land could be the overall emotions that permeate the scene after we depart. Have we spread joy, sorrow, anger or emptiness as we go through our day. One of the main differences in this comparison is that the honey bees are all spreading the same thing and getting the same results.

A smile is the carrier of joy and happiness that is infectious. It is difficult to frown at a person that is smiling at you. Admittedly there are those that might break their face if they smiled, but the more one smiles the more natural it feels. A smile generates a positive attitude. When I picture my smiling face on a honey bee as greetings are exchanged, that image almost makes me giggle. The amazing thing is that it spreads just like the colorful blossoms across the orchards. I know, that sometimes pain and sadness overwhelms our life and it is at those times we really just want to be alone, but I also know if we can smile it just makes us feel better. A smile gives comfort.

Yes it has begun! Another beautiful array of colorful blossoms flowing across the orchards like watercolor paint on wet paper. Smile on dear friend and begin the flow of acceptance and love to all those that are blessed to cross the fields of your life. And be prepared to tell them what makes you so happy. I am, but that will be for another story.

In my children's storybook series "Ginger Lady Bug's Adventures, The Blossom Trail" twin honey bees Macy and Mallory are portrayed as they gather nectar from blossom to blossom. They are shown in full page watercolor illustrations along with their other friends, The Blues Birds, Nellie Gnat and Ginger Lady Bug playing in the top of the nectarine trees. The story of what an important job honey bees have and some of the products they produce has been integrated into the story of how fruit grows. This is a beautiful story told in a joyful setting that children of all ages can enjoy. The Blossom Trail is an annual event that takes place in February and March. People from all over the world come to see nature in all her glory as color flows over acres of farm land. Paintings and books can be found at

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