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New Children's E-Book Review

If you have children, then you have probably read more than your share of books. Those of us, who read to our kids, can see the wonderful results that investment returns. There are lots of good reasons to read your children stories. It sparks their imaginations. It calms them down at bedtime. It establishes a pattern of reading when the children are most impressionable.

As a general rule, reading early in life translates to kids wanting to read later in life. I'm not sure if there have been scientific research on this, but from personal experience, I can confirm this presumption. All of my siblings read to their children and all of them love to read. The friends we have that read to their children all have children who love to read; while those who didn't read to their kids find their children are less than enthusiastic.

I was not read to as a child. Not surprisingly, I didn't start enjoy reading until I was married with children. I'm still very particular about the books I read for myself and I'm in my forties.

When should you read to them? In my experience, we read to our kids from the very start. Once they could hold their heads up by themselves, we started reading to them. Mainly before naps and bedtime. But as they grew up, we found ourselves reading to them on the floor while they were playing.

Something about the undulating tone of reading a children's book was soothing to our kids. They always played better when we were reading from a book. It also helped calm them down before going to sleep.

Which books should you read? Wow, that's a good question. There are literally tons of great books out there. Talk to your family and friends about which books they liked. Some of our favorites were the classics like Curious George, Tumble Bumble, Goodnight Moon, and any book by Sandra Boyton. Sadly, there are a lot of poorly written books too. A quick glance through the book will let you know if it's a keeper.

In this review, we're going to look at a new eBook series destined to become a classic, written by Emma Ward. Ms. Ward says she is a stay at home mom who understands the challenges of parenting. It appears the new series, known as "The Adventures of Bob and Joe", was written with that very view in mind.

Her books are grounded in family values. Looking out for each other, putting aside selfishness, and pitching in to help are all themes that run through her new "Bob and Joe" book series. Here's the main premise: Bob and Joe are identical twin turtles who like to have racing adventures. Basically, they'll race anyone, anytime, any place. The setting is primarily a pond, found in a deep forest of oak trees. They venture out for some other adventures, but as you'd expect, the turtles stay pretty close to home most of the time.

There are a host of characters that help Bob and Joe teach the kids a great lesson. My favorite is a squirrel named Sammy who can't get enough acorns.

There are six "Bob and Joe" ebooks published on Amazon, along with a complete collection eBook that includes all six stories. The titles are as follows...

1. Bob and Joe in Our First Race
2. Bob and Joe in Abandon Ship
3. Bob and Joe in The Chariot Race
4. Bob and Joe in Photo Finish
5. Bob and Joe in The Serious Badger
6. Bob and Joe in Skating with Penguins
7. The Complete Adventures of Bob and Joe, Volume 1

These books seem to only be available on Amazon. The price is reasonable at $0.99 for each individual book and $4.99 for the complete collection. So download them to your Kindle or other reading app. and enjoy reading them to your children.

I have included a link to the author page here in Amazon. This is a new book to Amazon (published in April 2012), so there aren't a lot of reviews yet. But don't let that stop you from downloading them, trust me, your kids will enjoy following the characters from one race to another.

Our next review will be Bullfrog Pops, Kindle edition.

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