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A Review of the Dinosaur Detectives Handbook - A Dinosaur Book for Children

The Dinosaur Detectives Handbook Reviewed

From a teacher's perspective dinosaur books can prove very helpful as they can encourage de-motivated children to take up reading in earnest. Some children from about the age of six, particularly boys can become less interested in reading, other activities such as video games can become a distraction for them. If they have an interest in dinosaurs and prehistoric animals then the "Dinosaur Detectives Handbook" can be a help in getting them to read more. This is a well-written, informative text that is packed full of dinosaur themed statistics.

Child Friendly Book About Prehistoric Animals

Child friendliness and educational qualities and perhaps most importantly of all, a thumbs up from children in the age range that the book is aimed at are all useful things to consider when choosing a book about dinosaurs for your child.

The new Dinosaur Detectives Handbook has just gone through an extensive peer review process and came out the other side with a big thumbs up from young readers.

Field Guide to the Dinosauria

This spiral bound, book, designed to look like the sort of field guide you would take on a nature walk is jam-packed with facts and information on dinosaurs. Fifty different dinosaurs are featured. The book reminded the children of the sort of invaluable note book that they see palaeontologists use when they are mapping a palaeontological dig site.

Maps, Stickers and Fact Files About Dinosaurs

The book includes maps, stickers, fact files, scale drawings and lots of illustrations and for each dinosaur, readers can make their own notes, add a picture and tick-off where they might have seen it - on television, in films, books or on line.

Thanks to the dinosaur experts and researchers who have helped compile this book, most of the prehistoric animals featured in the book are covered very accurately and there is an abundance of up to date dinosaur facts and figures. As a hardback book, the book will stand up well to wear and tear, yet it is easily small enough to fit inside a child's rucksack.

All in all, the book represents extremely good value. It is aimed at children aged 5 years and above and it really gets them into the subject. There is even a handy glossary at the back to explain some of the more difficult words and we love the fact that a pronunciation guide for those long dinosaur names is provided.

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